Feasibility studies to launch bus rapid transit on Cairo’s ring road


Egypt’s Land Transport Regulatory Authority and the alliance of bus rapid transit (BRT) system on Cairo’s ring road have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to conduct technical and economic feasibility studies on BRT buses.

The MoU’s signing was witnessed by Minister of Transportation Kamel El-Wazir, with the alliance consisting of international and national companies. It includes: Mwasalat Misr, the sustainable urban transport company and trademark owner of the first smart bus in Egypt; France’s TransDev; a number of Egyptian companies, such as Orascom; and the MCV Transportation Company. 

The aim of the MoU is to study and establish an

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Changes Coming to Quarantine Rules, Health Minister Hajdu Says


Canada’s health minister says Canadians can anticipate changes to quarantine rules for travellers. But she’s not sure when that will happen.

A government science panel last week recommended that the Trudeau government’s controversial hotel quarantine program be abolished, and that substantial changes be made to Ottawa’s quarantine program in general. Health Minister Patty Hajdu initially downplayed the report, but then seemed to embrace it.


The minister last Friday said during a press conference that the report is “very valuable and very helpful,” and that changes are coming.

“I think we can anticipate that measures will be adjusted,” she said.

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‘Dutt ticked all the boxes to make it on the first-class stage’


Last week I selected the five favourite umpires from my career.

And for my next offering I’m looking at another ‘top five’.

These are the players who had the ability to have a good first-class career, but for one reason or another it never really happened…

Denton was my new-ball partner for Staffordshire and he was the Rolls Royce out of the pair of us.

He bowled absolute rockets and he could easily have become a professional cricketer on the county circuit.

We both went to Worcestershire on trial when we were young, but stumbled across a local

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Ryan Alford’s 68 Good For First Round Lead at APGA Tour Event at Valhalla Golf Club


Ryan Alford, the APGA Tour newcomer from Shreveport, Louisiana, shot a four-under-par 68 to seize the first-round lead at APGA Tour Louisville in pursuit of his second consecutive victory on the circuit that has become a force in driving greater diversity in the sport of golf.

The former Louisiana Tech golfer, 24, won APGA Tour Scottsdale on April 20, playing only his fourth APGA Tour event.  He scored an eagle on the 18th hole to widen his lead over APGA Tour star Willie Mack and PGA Member Jabir Bilal of Atlanta, who played golf at Grambling State University. Mack, who

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Bowman’s Travel Brief: Remember Your Air Travel Etiquette


I’ve been on six different planes over the last month – each time I am quickly reminded at how people have forgotten to travel.

The pandemic brought travel to a halt, and this spring and summer marks the first type of trip for many Americans.

I implore to you make sure you and your family remember proper travel etiquette.

Look, I understand nobody is perfect. Things happen. However, the current spike in unruly behavior on airplanes and at airports needs to slow down.

Berating and or attacking passengers or airline crew, like we saw last week with the Southwest incident

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