Hubble and Home scores top food hygiene mark


A GASTRO pub that has five-star Tripadvisor ratings has scored top marks on its latest food hygiene inspection.

The Hawthorn Leisure-owned hostelry Hubble and Home opened on Abingdon Road in Summer 2020 to punters between lockdowns.

Previously the pub has been called The Berkshire House, the Crooked Pot, the Berkshire and Home until it closed in February 2020.

The pub was recently visited by food hygiene inspectors from Oxford City Council on May 27 and was awarded a five star rating.

Hubble and Home was given a mark of ‘good’ for the categories ‘food hygiene and safety’ and ‘structural compliance’.

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The couple transforming a fearsome pub with a reputation into one of the classiest in Huddersfield


At one time The Bay Horse in Lindley was not for the faint-hearted.

Even popping in for a quick half while you waited for your Chinese takeaway from across the road seemed a risk too far.

And a YorkshireLive reporter vividly remembers how a former manager told him he had put the keys through the door one Saturday night because “he couldn’t face breaking up any more fights.”

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New landlady Mandina Draper recalls how on one occasion after she and partner Glenn Binger had taken over she

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Barry Ramblers venture to Dinas Powys for summer stroll


Ten walkers plus dogs Douglas and Bracken joined Naomi from Penarth and District Ramblers at Pen-y-Turnpike Road, Dinas Powys for an evening stroll in the area in beautiful June sunshine.

Setting off across the bridge over the Cadoxton River they tramped the footpath towards the Millfields passing two ponies contentedly grazing in the adjoining field strikingly painted bright yellow with tall buttercups.

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Making their way into the beautiful woodland with its collection of

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! Murcia Today – Spanish Government Backs Down And Allows Regions To Decide Hospitality Sector Pandemic Restrictions


Date Published: 10/06/2021

Regional governments may design their own de-escalation policy in bars, restaurants and nightlife venues this summer

The latest coronavirus related row between the central and regional governments of Spain appears to have ended with the Ministry of Health backing down and allowing its regional counterparts the freedom to decide how and when to impose restrictions on the hostelry sector depending on how the pandemic develops over the summer.

The regulations published in the Official State Bulletin on Saturday were to prevent bars and restaurants across the country from serving customers after midnight and to force the closure

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What is the oldest pub in England?


THE English pub is often said to be at the heart of every local community and some have been in existence for well over 1,000 years – if you believe the stories.

While the claim to be England’s oldest pub has been lost in the mists of time these inns are well worth stopping off at for a pint or two.

The Old Ferry Boat Inn claims to have been serving alcohol since 560 AD


The Old Ferry Boat Inn claims to have been serving alcohol since 560 ADCredit: Greene King Inns

What is the oldest pub in England?

In short, no one knows for sure although it seems there are two

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Sally Pussey’s Inn applauded for Covid meals generosity


PUB staff who worked to provide 6,000 meals for NHS workers and vulnerable people in lockdown have been recognised for their efforts.

Sally Pussey’s Inn near Royal Wootton Bassett is continuing to help people in need during the pandemic.

The hostelry, run by The Relish Group for Arkell’s, had to diversify as Covid restrictions were imposed, and began offering takeaway services. It dished up more than 20,000 burgers to customers in the surrounding area.

Cirencester-based Relish launched an appeal as part of the Open Kitchens initiative last year to raise £11,000 so its staff in different venues could provide and

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