How the Royal won its crown


By Frank Chemaly Time of article published May 1, 2021

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Durban – The Royal Hotel has stood at the centre of Durban for more than 175 years and has been an integral part of the city throughout its long and colourful history.

Opening up as the first hostelry in Durban in 1845, built on land bought by the brother of a British sea captain, the original building was a far cry from the elegant hotel of today, but it served its purpose of providing hospitality and shelter to travellers.

On December 12, 1845, Durban’s

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Win Free Cruises, Vacation Packages Just for Getting Vaccinated


Individuals who get vaccinated through CVS Health can now enter to win a variety of sweepstakes prizes, from $5,000 towards a family reunion to free cruises, beginning June 1.

Eligible customers who have received or plan to receive a COVID-19 vaccination through CVS Health can choose to enter the #OneStepCloser sweepstakes, which will award over a thousand prizes during a six-week period. The sweepstakes was created to incentivize more vaccine-eligible individuals to get vaccinated.


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Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common in many different species of animals, including camels, cattle, cats, and bats.

Several sponsors plan to give away prizes; CVS Health will give 125 individuals $500, as well as five Grand Prize giveaways of $5,000

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SMART evaluates impact of competition between autonomous vehicles and public transit



IMAGE: Spatial distribution changes in PT supply during the competition: (left) Routes with supply decrease; (right) Routes with supply increase
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Credit: Zhejing Cao and Baichuan Mo

Singapore, 5 May 2021 – The rapid advancement of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) technology in recent years has changed transport systems and consumer habits globally. As countries worldwide see a surge in AV usage, the rise of shared Autonomous Mobility on Demand (AMoD) service is likely to be next on the cards. Public Transit (PT), a critical component of urban transportation, will inevitably be impacted by the upcoming influx of AMoD and the

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Pub doors open at Pheasant Chishill and Woodman Nuthampstead


As pubs and eateries prepare to welcome customers back inside, the Crow has caught up with a couple who entered the pandemic wondering if they would hang onto their one pub, only to now run two!

Jenna and Stuart Johnson are itching to welcome indoor customers at Nuthampstead’s The Woodman Inn, as well as and their newly acquired The Pheasant in Great Chishill, from Monday.

Jenna told the Crow: “There is a real buzz of excitement at both The Woodman and The Pheasant this week, with us being able to finally open the doors again, for the first time this

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Show the charm of your island! At the meeting, “Tourist Guide Production Station” of Animal Crossing Association is open. -funglr Games


On March 20, 2021 (Saturday), the Nintendo Switch officially entered its first anniversary.He’s armed! Animal crossing
The update file released on March 18, 2021 (Thursday) prepares for the spring event and updates my layout feature.
It seems that recently many players are very interested in making various unexpected “Umbrella” designs.
When I presented the updated information above, I also shared that Nook Inc. will launch on March 24, 2021 (Wednesday). “Tourist guide production station“,this timeOfficially inaugurated the “Tourist guide production station”

The sale will expire in a year! The free spring update for “Assemble!

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Tourist Information Center to reopen this Memorial Day weekend


Josh Peterson, the executive director of Visit Bemidji, said the comeback of the TIC is an exciting time for the city and is also advantageous to its tourism industry.

“We realized last year, during COVID that people were still traveling and how much this center actually gets used,” Peterson said. “We would have people coming to our office windows asking for information, and it really was eye-opening as to how much information actually goes out of this building.

“There is also a need from the business community wanting to see this place reopened because it helps refer business. So I

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